(Quality Management System)

1. Quality Policy

PT Eisai Indonesia Bogor Factory in all its activities always strives to uphold the quality policy launched by Eisai Co., Ltd. for all affiliates around the world, namely "The Quality of Every Single tablet, capsule, and ampule that we produce is integral to the life of the patient"

2. GMP Certificates

PT Eisai Indonesia Bogor Factory has produced high-quality pharmaceutical dosage forms since 1987 and has been proven to have 4 valid GMP certificates. Bogor Factory has been producing non-beta-lactam plain and coated tablets, non-beta-lactam hard capsukes, non-beta-lactam oral powder, and non-beta-lactam oral liquid

3. Halal Assurance System

PT Eisai Indonesia has the policy to implement a halal assurance system at Bogor Factory since 2017 and all products produced at Bogor Factory will be halal certified gradually. This is a manifestation of PT Eisai Indonesia's commitment in providing safe and halal products for the Indonesian people, especially the Muslim Community.