We are a global leading research-based pharmaceutical company working in the neurology and oncology therapeutic areas and we define our corporate mission as “giving first thought to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits health care provides.


PT Eisai Indonesia is a pharmaceutical company with specifications in producing nonantibiotic Capsules and Tablets including sugar-coated and film-coated tablets. Our commitment is to improve access to medicine by providing contract manufacturing services.

Our lot capacity accommodates small and medium production. This is an advantage for a new developing product.

Disease Information

The health of patients and their families is our goal. In this case, education regarding diseases that may affect the patient or the patient's family is also important for us. We PT Eisai Indonesia focuses on the neuroscience area and the Oncology area, where we hope this education can increase patient awareness of their health condition and also help caregivers to know more about the disease suffered by the patient.

HHC Activities

World Thyroid Awareness Day 2022

Commemorate World Thyroid Awareness Day 2022 Seminar "It's Not You. It's Your Thyorid" Held to Increase Public Awareness About Thyroid Cancer (July 30th 2022)

World Cancer Day 2022

Layman Webinar in Commemoration of World Cancer Day 2022 From Heart to Heart : Support for Liver Cancer and Thyroid Cancer Fighters (February 20th 2022)

BELKAGA (Bulan Eliminasi Kaki Gajah)

BELKAGA (Elephantiasis Elimination Month) which is commemorated every October is one of the Ministry of Health's programs to eradicate Elephantiasis Disease in Indonesia

New Release

BION (Brain Stimulation)

BION is a development of Cognitive Stimulation (desktop version) which aims to reach a wider range of users with various advantages

DEBO (Dementia Bot)

DEBO is a Whatsapp App Based Dementia Chatbot.